Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shameless plug

The reason i started this blog was to enter this competition:

daddy forever is an interesting blog about parenting, reviews and give-aways, its written by a geeky dad, something i can relate to, although my kids will probably grow to ignore, and ban me from going in public as they get older, i try to be cool and they are still quite young so im good for now.

so if the blog is successful then i/you have daddy forever to thank.

I am a geek, this is how i can tell, for 9 years i have used linux, i fix old computers people have given up on, or thought were non working, instead of buying new ones (although thats kind of a necessity with my income) im currently rocking an amd64 (3200+) single core it works hard and does what its told. i also know im a geek because my girl calls me a geek all the time, and shes the opposite of geek. so there you go. I think i have internet addiction too because i can find things to discover for endless hours,

Already im thinking that i may just need to add to the blog periodically. i guess i need to figure out what to talk about first though. there are so many blogs out there, i just need to make what i have to say is important enough.

oh and if you happen to read this in the next few days (before sept 6th deadline) dont forget to head to:
for your chance to win too.


This is my first blog post - ever.

i still don't really understand what a blog is for, it seems like mass email of a persons thoughts/opinions, well, who cares right? I have to admit, i have read a lot of blogs but never had anything interesting enough to write about to actually start my own.

Well i will give it a shot, i can always delete it right? :)